The Power of Evidence

At the moment, as we prepare to bring our “Where we are in place and time unit of inquiry” to a close, my students are assessing themselves using rubrics and continuums and gathering evidence to support their assessments. They are working on a Word document that contains all of the assessment tools:

I have been really impressed by their honesty in the way they assess themselves as learners and also their knowledge and understanding of the concepts we have looked at in this unit. They have been scanning, photographing, hyperlinking or taking screenshots of evidence such as:

  • Examples of writing that contains relevant thoughts or information
  • Tags that were on display in the classroom
  • Notes taken during research
  • Documents created after research
  • Blog postings and comments
  • Photographs of them working
  • Feedback from classmates about attitudes or Learner Profile attributes

I asked a number of students what they thought about the idea of providing evidence of their learning and their approaches to learning.

“It’s quite hard, but now it’s going easier because I’ve been doing it for a few days now so it gets easier because you know where to find evidence.” Luca

“I’m sort of proud because finding evidence is like going through your work so it’s interesting to see what you’ve done so far and maybe later when you have another unit you can compare your work and see what was more meaningful to you.You can also try to improve it.” Amy

“It’s really good to have this skill later on when you’re older because it will help you to reflect on your work and doing this will be easier.” Arne

“It’s a bit hard because I never tried this and before in Year 5 we used rubrics but we didn’t have evidence for it. It’s hard to assess yourself, I can’t assess myself because sometimes I just do it and I don’t watch myself. In the future, I will watch myself more and make sure I am making and keeping evidence as I work because I know I will need it for the assessments.” DoYeon

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