The Relative Value of Issues

My students go off to a specialist lesson first thing this morning. Before they go, however, I’m going to get them to make a “human continuum” based on the issues they are inquiring about in the exhibition. I would like them to attach a value to the importance of their issue in terms of our ability to live with the future in mind, and to survive as a species in the future. They will form a line and put themselves in order,from the lowest value to the highest value. They will need to do a lot of talking, arguing, reasoning, compromising and changing.

Here’s the video of it happening!

This could be done again as a continuum of urgency, ranging from least urgent to most urgent.


  1. whatedsaid

    The idea is excellent, the kids are utterly engaged in their learning, the material under discussion has real life relevance, they are practising many essential skills… brilliant! Thanks for sharing this.


  2. Cristina

    Hi Sam,

    Great idea! Can I “steal” it? 😀

    As individuals we have our own perspective on “urgency” or “importance” of various issues, and I was wondering whether it is desirable for the teacher to interfere with students’ decisions in a later discussion – which seems so necessary considering this actual ranking.
    It would have been interesting to see the “hot” discussion with your students and how you handled their different approaches. 🙂
    I know it would have been tough for me as they always seem to need a point of reference or validation from the teacher’s side.

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