How would you define “international-mindedness” at the moment?

Questionnaire Responses:

“Understanding and respecting people from different cultures – embracing diversity. It is such a multi-faceted concept it is very hard to define….”

“A belief in the value of pluralism. An understanding and celebration of the value of diversity, in all its forms. Empathy for those who are different, while retaining pride in one’s own identity.”

“To be open, respectful and accepting of others whether you see/feel/hear similarities or differences.”

“Aware of our own culture and that of others – an understanding that people with different perspectives, values, culture and understandings can also be right! Taking positive advantage of the diversity that surrounds you – actively seeking to learn about others. Appreciating that the diversity of human spirit is definitely central among of the many challenges of this present time.”

“An understanding and celebration of the value of diversity, in all its forms. Accepting and respecting this diversity.”

“I would define it as ensuring when children leave my school they have having an understanding, caring & appreciation of the many complex links between cultures, peoples & continents.”

“Often misunderstood. Still many prejudices and misconceptions.”

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  2. rgriffithjr

    Defined as an understanding that we all have responsibilites to each other to respect the intrinsic value of individuals, and that we should know the character, cultural heritage, and institutions in society that enable us to succeed.

  3. Julian

    Hi Sam,

    I know we talked about this…… having gone through the workshop with you and the team, I would be very interested to read your current thoughts relating to a definition of International Mindedness – or whatever else we end up calling/labelling ‘it’ as! Cheers from Japan, Julian

    • Mr. Sam

      Definitely. I’m going to give participants a few days to get back to schools and further digest what we did in the workshop, then I’ll write a blog post and email it to everyone to get feedback on that question. It will be very interesting to see what people think now.

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