Setting a calm pace

The first half hour or so of the workshop was dedicated solely to relaxing, chatting, trying out wireless connections, getting on to this blog and getting to know the people in the room. This was an experiment with atmosphere, setting a slow and purposeful pace… something that is often completely absent in the schools we work in. Our schools, in general, are frantic, manic places in which every day is crammed full of as much as possible. Yet, all of our mission statements pledge to produce balanced and responsible individuals who will create a better world! My wife’s recent visit to Reggio Emilia has really got me thinking about the atmosphere, environment and aesthetic that we are educating children in. I think the participants at this workshop appreciated starting this way.


  1. Sulochana

    Sam, It was really worth attending and thought provoking ideas. Of course we were relaxed and there was room for expansion!

    • Mr. Sam

      That’s great feedback, Sulo. I think it’s so important that we have the time to think about things. Even more importantly, we must give our students the chance to spend time thinking, reflecting and embedding their thoughts into who they are.

  2. whatedsaid

    Wish I was at this workshop…

    I work at a newly authorized PYP school in Melbourne. We had our first exhibition today and the posts on Sam’s class blog (and Sam!) provided excellent guidance and inspiration for us!

    Whoever’s participating in this workshop…lucky you!

    • Mr. Sam

      Hi Edna,

      I’d love to see some of the things you all did in your exhibition. It was so rewarding for my students to communicate with yours… let’s do it again in some other units!


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