Have we really thought about this?

I asked the participants at this workshop to look at well-known people, icons, heroes, anti-heroes, villains, idols etc… though the lenses of the Learner Profile. Which attributes does each person truly demonstrate? Which attributes do they not demonstrate? How much of that is based on opinion, perspective and context? It’s interesting isn’t it?

And, what about us… the models, the people our students are “looking up to”. Which attributes do we consistently demonstrate… or not demonstrate?

This fascinating video about Mirror Neurons really makes a valid point about where the Learner Profile starts, with us.


  1. Sulochana

    That was a great activity! It made me understand, young or old we possess these learner profile in different degrees. One, only needs to be steadfast in practising them!!! And start helping our students to recognize these in them and in others. That is going to help them in long run!

    • Mr. Sam

      It is amazing how often we display the Learner Profile on our walls without ever really thinking about what they “look like” in real life and without ever reflecting on our own behaviour with our colleagues and with our students.

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