A Great Quote

What is your interpretation of this quote?

What are the implications for the way we teach?



  1. Denise

    Less is more. Children (people, really) need time to take an idea, think about it and experiment with it before being thrown new ideas. Plant the seed and give it time to grow. As teachers we are constantly being inundated with what we could and should do but we can’t let that dictate what and how much we load onto our students. We have to make those tough decisions about what to include and what to let pass by so our students don’t feel overwhelmed and can instead feel inspired and motivated to think new thoughts and try new things.

  2. Mr. Sam

    Imagine having “less is more” as a school quote! It would be amazing to be part of a school that decides to slow down, simplify and focus on a few things so they can be done as well as possible, with depth and mindfulness. Interesting idea.

    Does anyone know of any schools that have tried this?

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