Your Team’s Ideas

Hopefully, each of the teaching teams should now know about the “Team Presentation”.

Homeroom Coordinators, please make a brief comment to share your team’s thoughts on how to go about doing the presentations. Hopefully, this will serve the dual purpose of sharing ideas and illustrating how flexible the task is and how important it is that teams present in a way that represents who they are.


  1. Colleen

    Year 2 are looking presenting our practice through a presentation of images and video clips. We are hoping to go into each others classroom to capture what each of us is doing. We haven’t yet started the process of discussing our practice.

    • Mr. Sam

      Thanks Colleen,

      In our team meeting today, we made the decision to start the process of going into each other’s classrooms to take photos straight away. We will then use the photos to generate the conversations about our beliefs and practices. We felt it might be more natural to do it that way and might make the conversations flow easier. You could suggest that to your team if you like?

  2. Kate Lynch

    The EY team discussed this idea last week at one of our meetings. The response was fairly positive due to the length of time we have to prepare this. We didn’t discuss our format yet but we briefly talked about how we can show that the foundations of communication skills link to so many things that are considered children’s play such as how art work builds up their fine motor development which of course links to their writing skills later. Or how dramatic role play builds up their speaking and listening skills. We want to represent these ideas and show the broad range of learning that links to communication skills. We also want to demonstrate how we try to find genuine situations to extend student’s listening, speaking, pre-reading and pre-writing skills such as writing names on the white board when making a class vote, making class books about our pets and the responsibilities for caring for them etc.
    We’ll be talking about the format this will take after the October break.

  3. Chris

    We had some good discussions and have decided to base our presentation around the the three areas: Learning Language, Learning Through Language and Learning About Language. We allocated each team member q week to be the photographer and record what others in the team are doing. Hopefully we all get a chance to get out into each others’ rooms – such a powerful opportunity that we don’t always take advantage of. To present we will probably use our images in a photostory as we felt this is more conducive to getting our message across and also in line with what we are teaching the kids about presenting. I really like the idea I read above about using the images as a means for opening dialogue about what we believe – I thin we will steal that one!

      • Kate Lynch

        I like the idea’s that Y6 and Y2 teams had about each person having a week to document as that makes sure everyone is involved and also gets each person to look at the teaching and learning going on through a lens of language. I would want to include all the EY AAs in this too, so might have to do less than a week each. Perhaps a week per class team, but making sure they share the responsibility. We better get cracking then!

  4. Chris

    Our team is going to present using a photostory as we feel this is a good way to give the overall picture of what we do. We are setting our photostory in 3 sections – Learning Language, Learning About Language and Learning Through Language.

    To set this up we have each taken a week each, in we will make an effort to visit each other’s classrooms and photograph what we see. It has been a very useful exercise to see each other teaching and in getting new ideas on what we can all be doing. Some staff members have also photographed their own classes when they have done an activity they feel fits one of our headings.

    Interestingly we seem to lots and lots of photos in the Learning Through Language folder – I hope this reflects the transdisciplinary nature of many of the things we do in year 6. On the other hand I guess it also reflects the stage of development our kids who at this stage in their schooling are using the language skills they have accumulated over the past 6 years to discover more about their world.

    I’d be interested to hear if other teams have noticed a trend or imbalance in any particular direction.

  5. Nicky

    Year 4 are a bit slow getting this rolling! We have discussed it a couple of times and would like to represent what is actually happening in the classrooms, so we are spending some time flip videoing actual teaching/learning moments and we then plan to share them and discuss what the beliefs behind the practice actually are.

    • Mr. Sam

      That seems like a very good way of doing it as it gives you something real to work from. We’re doing the same in Y6 – the trick is making sure you get lots of images and video to work with. I’ll come down and take some photos in a minute… I want to see these ecosystems of yours!!!

  6. Maija

    In year 3, we have discussed this also a few times. I introduced it first when it was given as a task but I only asked people to put their thinking hats on as we will dedicate time for it closer to the date. We revisited the topic when we were sharing our Word Study practices and reflecting our progress. We are really into inquiring into our literacy practices, especially reading comprehension strategies and are studying a lot of research and theory by Debbie Miller and Stephanie Harvey & co. so we will probably end up doing something that will show how it all fits in the transdisciplinary learning. I promise to keep you all updated!

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