Making it Clear

I really like the way that Year 4 produce this document:

At first, I thought this was just for teachers! It makes the transdisciplinary links clear and, from the perspective of language, shows the natural way that language arts connects with units of inquiry. I also really like how it shows the way that the same key concepts will be used to inquire into language.



  1. wkirkwood

    It is great to see the link so clearly laid out for the audience of this newsletter. It gives not only the parents of the class, but anyone who reads it (other teachers, students, grandparents, etc) an insight into the connections that the children will be making.

    • Mr. Sam

      Yes, I was thinking how something like this would really help me! Once we get started with units we can get so sidetracked, busy and distracted – simple tools like this couold help people like me stay true to the original vision of units!

  2. Nora

    It’s very interesting to see what and how other year levels are posting their news in relation to the units of inquiry and trandsciplinary learning and what formats and layouts are being used.

    Thanks for sharing!

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