Year 2, Habits and Democracy

When you walk through the Year 2 classrooms there is a real unifying theme. Each classroom visibly shows that the students and teachers have been through a process of discussing positive reading and writing habits together. Positive guidance for the students has been collaboratively created with their teachers. Walls are covered with charts, diagrams and prompts that remind students how they could involve themselves with language in a constructive way, helping them to develop the habits they will come to rely on as they get older. It was great to see that the students had also helped the teachers decide what teachers should be doing at these times too, very empowering for them.

One thing I really loved was the instruction on the 3 Ways to Read chart that said “Read the pictures”. This is a great reminder to students, and teachers, that visual literacy is important, that looking at the pictures is not a waste of time and that it is actually possible to “read the pictures”!



  1. Colleen

    Thanks Sam for the feeback. If anyone is interested in looking into what we have been doing in Year 2 on metacognition and reading comprehension take a look at Comprehension Connections by Tanny McGregor.

  2. Will

    I love the idea of reading the pictures. It is one of those forgotten art forms as we get older. When we are learning to read we often read the pictures to gain meaning but as we grow older we often become focused on the written word.

    So much can be explained through an image and I think it is important that students realise this and develop the skills and language with which to express the the understandings they gain from the visual image.

    Great to see the year 2 team focusing on this area as I am sure it is a skill the kids are going to use throughout their lives.

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