Presenting Inquiries in Year 5

I dropped by Year 5 today, starting in Kate’s classroom, and found students reflecting on the presentations they have been doing for their parent audience over the last few days. The Y5 teachers were pretty “pumped up” about it and really wanted to talk about it because they felt it had been an excellent experience, and that the whole process of the unit had really empowered the students to do really effective, informal presentations that demonstrated their conceptual understandings.

The process of the unit looked like this:

  • The unit started with rotations in which teachers demonstrated 5 different presentation techniques – both formal and inforaml – and 5 possible areas of inquiry
  • The inquiry process helped students develop conceptual understandings, which made them able to focus their presentations instead of just listing random facts
  • Research skills were taught in homeroom and in library sessions to enable them to focus on relevant and important information
  • Parents were invited in to see presentations and demonstrations. They were ”converted” from passive observers to active participants by being given sample questions to ask the students
  • Presentations were filmed in some classes to enable students to watch themselves sharing their work and assessing how they presented themselves.

Watch this space for more information about this!


  1. wkirkwood

    Seeing the reflection process actually played out is really interesting. I am sure the students gained a lot from the experience. We all know that reflection is an essential element to learning but so often it is the thing that we “don’t have time for”.

    • Mr. Sam

      I really like the way Year 5 have, in some cases, given the students the videos of them doing their presentations. This will make their reflections much more purposeful and meaningful than if they were just trying to do a self-assessment based on memory. Being able to watch themselves helps them be more realistic in their critique and will empower them to make improvements to things other people usually have to tell them about instead of seeing for themselves.

      I must try and find the time to do this more often!!!

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