Stories in Home Languages

Early Years are just kicking off their Who we are unit of inquiry with an inquiry into language and our sense of identity and belonging. To get the unit going, they are inviting parents and other members of the school community to come in and read stories in their home language to the Early Years students who share the same language.

This is an ongoing initiative so watch this space for more photos, maybe some videos and some comments from Early Years teachers to let us know what effect these sessions have on student learning and inquiries.


  1. Cristina Landazabal

    We have only had 2 sessions so far but it’s going really well, you see a whole different side to students when they speak in their mother tongue, ones you think of as shy and quiet turn out to be pretty loud and confident when they are given the chance to participate in their own language! It’s also worth noting that parents and teachers are not only reading stories to the students but also telling them. Last week I did some oral story telling with my group of Spanish speakers and then invited them to tell a story too, it was amazing to hear what they came up with!

    • Mr. Sam

      I agree completely, it’s so powerful when we give kids the chance to use their own language as we get to see who they “truly are” in a way. It can take so long for a student to display their real selves when they are trying to communicate in another language.

      I like the idea of doing oral story-telling too, sometimes they’re much more engaging than just reading books to kids.

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