A Slap in the Face

This video clip is actually a commercial for a mobile phone provider. However, it offers us a rather sobering provocation through it’s powerful use of visual imagery.

It makes me think of all the things that pass us by these days as we spend so much of our time “plugged in”. It makes me think of the missed conversations with people standing right next to us, the missed formative moments in a child’s life as their parents text, email, browse or update.

It also made me think about my teaching, and the time and place for technology. How often do I respond to an unimportant email and miss out on a very important teaching moment?


One comment

  1. Cristina

    Hi Sam,
    I watched and tweeted this clip about a couple of months ago and it made me rethink my approach to technology. The results?
    1. Although I created a class blog I allow students to blog WHEN they want. If we make it compulsory for them to blog…then how is that different from, say, writing a report on a book?
    2. I take time away from Twitter and other social/professional sites. I need TIME to think and reflect so I can get ideas in action. Just being a “busy”twitterer does not improve my teaching.

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