Poster Power by Year 1

The Year 1 teaching team designed these eye-catching posters, inspired by the work of Chris Frost at Tokyo International School:

Observers were surprised to hear that they had been created by “mere teachers”!!! They really do look professional. This is because they are well-designed, but also because they were professionally printed and are therefore very authentic. One thing the team could work on, if they plan to do more posters of this kind, is cropping the photos using Photoshop. Perhaps Will and Jago can teach some of us this skill!



  1. Chris Frost

    Wow Year 1 what a thrill to see my name up there next to your poster! What a lot of thinking, planning and hard work has been going on in your classroom. It also looks like you had a lot of fun. I really wonder what those puppets are saying I wish i could hear them! I bet the audience were really entertained!

  2. Chris Frost

    Aaaarghh! whoops I thought the kids were involved and I hadn`t scrolled through. You have to giggle – I checked this during a 5 minute gap – part a days skiing with Grade 5 my hands were frozen (and brain too). I`m off to have a proper look now. I don`t usually talk to adults like that!! (funny) I’m still interested to know what the puppets are saying 🙂 Sorry Sam !!

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  4. Nora

    Well, the puppets were communicating to the audience a meaningful message using a clear and expressive voice! That was part of our unit of inquiry on ‘communicating effectively with more than words.’

    Thanks for the comment Chris, and no worries. 🙂

  5. Kate L.

    Great idea to do posters. And it helped having the team members available to get more information from. It was nice to see many similarities with what we decided we believe in the Early Years regarding the LA teaching practices.

  6. Chris

    The posters were a unique and polished way to show your beliefs. It was very affirming to see many beliefs that the year 3 team have too!

  7. Will

    I was impressed with the quality of the posters. The design is fantastic but it was a surprise to see the quality of the prints – these are like works of art and deserve to be displayed so.

    Nice choice of presentation tool!

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