The Domino Effect – Year 3’s Beliefs and Practices

The Year 3 Team used this Domino game to get us thinking about their language beliefs and practices. Here are their instructions:

Here’s the answers to the game! When the Year 3 Team shared the answers to the game with us we all really appreciated the simplicity and clarity of their message. They all took turns to share their beliefs and spoke very briefly and concisely about each point.



  1. Kate Lynch

    I enjoyed the interactive quality of this presentation and also think it was great how this information was backed up with a review by the team. Sometimes when you do something interactive alone you find ways to solve the problem (puzzle etc) without really digesting the information so it was great that they followed up with a review.

    • Mr. Sam

      That’s a good point – we’re all very clever and we can find ways to solve puzzles without seeing the content at all! The summary really clarified it all very well.

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