The Trial of Year 6

The Year 6 Teaching Team put on a short play for the audience. In the play, they were accused of teaching without shared beliefs and therefore were a disparate collection of individuals and not a “teaching team” at all.

Each person stated their case and, together, they outlined the five key beliefs that underpinned their teaching practice.

The presentation was designed to be funny, and that can be quite dangerous as serious messages can be lost in laughter. Hopefully, that didn’t happen…



  1. Kate Lynch

    I thought your presentation was fantastic. The idea of trialing the team for not having clear shared beliefs was very relevant as I’m sure many teams going through the process of preparing for these presentations had to begin with this same question. Therefore it helped to highlight that part of the process. And the messages about what you believe in as a team were not lost at all in the humour. The scenario only helped to capture our attention as an audience and make your points stronger. Well done Year 6!

    • Mr. Sam

      Thanks Kate, I just wish we’d filmed it! We never believed it would turn out as well as it did. That part of the process was extremely important for us as we’re all very different as people and as teachers but it became clear quite quickly that we did share beliefs about the “big ideas” of language teaching.

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