Like most of them, this one is spot on too.

Recently, I have been increasingly struck by how true is the wisdom of “native” people, of the “uncivilized” and the “savage”. The people who have been squashed, massacred, enslaved and nearly erased. Take this quote for example:

Today, my students finished their PYP Exhibition. This is a very intense 6-8 weeks of hard work, stress and public scrutiny. When it drew to a close, while kids in other classes were madly tearing their work down (or even destroying it, in some cases), I remembered hearing this quote and acted upon it. I gave my students 10 minutes to sit down and talk with their friends. Then, I asked them to lie down in the meditation pose taught to them by Shem, a student teacher who has been working with us for a couple of months, and asked them to relax completely. I asked them to let the experiences they had just had soak into their brains, their memories and their souls. I asked them to allow their learning to become part of who they are.

I gave them the time to absorb it all.

I gave them the time to develop as people.


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