Planning Receptive and Expressive Language in Year 4

Using the distinction between receptive and expressive language that is outlined here…

… the Year 4 Team and I looked at the language within their next unit of inquiry. The photo above shows the simple way that we collected our thoughts. The document below shows the information after a bit more work after meeting. It’s a great overview of the richness of language learning that will take place in the unit.



  1. Cristina

    I am hooked on this blog. Your school staff is so resourceful and thoughtful that I often find myself wishing to be part of it!
    Thank you for sharing, Sam. This work inspires me greatly.

    • Mr. Sam

      Thanks Cristina. From what I’ve seen of your work, any school would hire you on the spot! If you fancy some time in this part of the world, drop Simon Leslie a line…

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