Year 2 Learning Spaces: A Virtual Tour

The move from the old building to this new, renovated building has been a revelation, I’m sure you will all agree. We have all had to rethink the way we set up our classrooms and consider our use of space with creativity and with the kids firmly in mind.

I was inspired to take photos of the Year 2 classrooms when I popped in there this morning as I felt that they were filled with language and visible thinking. Here’s a virtual tour.

Can any of you spot the object that Colleen went and bought for each class?


  1. Cristina

    Wonderful generous spaces for learning!
    As for the object…I think lamps are the ones that give a very nice touch. Am I right? 🙂

    • Mr. Sam

      Hi Cristina… yes, the spaces are amazing. I wasn’t too sure about the green in these rooms, but having spent some time in there I found it really grew on me!

      I’ll wait and see if a few more people try to work out what Colleen bought and then reveal the answer!

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