Student-led Conferences in Early Years

When going through Kelli’s photos of her SLCs, I was blown away by the richness of the experiences that were being had by the students and parents of her class. Even though these are “silent” photographs, each picture definitely “tells a thousand words”. The language, both English and mother-tongue, must have been so rich in that room!

One of the main things we can learn from this set of photos is the immeasurable value of taking photos as a way of gathering assessment data. Kelli learned a lot about her students by watching them so closely through the lens of the camera. She knew what she was hoping to see and then captured it visually.

Check out the parents who built a puppet theatre from scratch – priceless!

What were the highlights of your SLCs?



  1. whatedsaid

    Fantastic photos and I agree, they tell the story, even without the words. Will share this with our early years teachers. As usual, much to learn from the Sherratts!

  2. Mr. Sam

    Much to learn from Early Years teachers in general. Because of my relationship with one, I have learned a huge amount and become aware of a whole range of teaching approaches that are just as valid with Year 6 kids as they are with younger kids. I need to get much better at reminding myself to put those things into practice though.

  3. Alesi Dawai

    Great photos.Great to see the children leading the parents to the various activities or stations around the classrooms. I agree the Language both English and the mother tongue must been so rich in the room.

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