Well… is it?

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”

Albert Einstein

Do you ever feel as if everything is happening at once in your school? I do, and I always have. We seem to have the knack, in schools, to take on so many things that we end up doing way too many at the same time. This completely dilutes the value of each thing, surely. Way too often I hear people say that they are doing “lots of things badly instead of a few things well”.

This is often misinterpreted as “moaning” or “complaining” about having too much work. But, it is actually frustration with trying to be better at what we do. Many teachers, believe it or not, really do want to be as good as possible at their jobs. Unfortunately, in many places, being good at your job involves appearing to be doing thousands of things at the same time.

What are all these things? Where do they come from? How many of them come from above? How many of them are traditions? How many of them are self-inflicted? How many of them improve learning?

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