“We are losing our listening”

Glenn found this fascinating presentation about listening and about the need for schools to think about whether or not they are teaching it as a specific “language art”. We showed it to Year 6 students and they all agreed that we do have “listening problems” in this day and age. They were able to talk openly about their own listening issues and what could be done to improve them. Many of them have asked for three minutes of silence each day!

It is worth watching this video in a team meeting some time. It will spark good conversations, but it will also enable you to reflect on the teaching of listening.

Do you have any good listening games or strategies that you could share with us?


  1. Ms Moi

    Thanks for posting this one Sam, I really enjoyed it. Mondira and I are going to include a ‘listening to the sounds around us’ activity on our Year 5 excursion.

    • Mr. Sam

      Hi Moi, yes that sounds like a really cool idea. We should do something like that at the Y6 Camp. Build in some silence time each day to listen to the sounds around us. It’s a well-known meditation technique actually – you listen for the sounds that are furthest away and then identify the closer sounds until you are listening to the sound closest to you.

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