Visual Language, Dance & Science

This is a really interesting video about how science and dance can work together. I was skeptical at first, I have to admit, but as I watched the video I saw genuine conceptual connections that definitely deepened the students’ understanding of the science, and also helped them to understand how they can communicate through dance.

Try to ignore the ridiculous amount of times the boys say “like” though!!!



  1. Alison

    This looks fantastic – such great movers and showing they really get it!

    I did something similar with chemistry – using dancers as protons, neutrons and electrons at first, to demonstrate a concept. Then students-as-elements, experimenting with the way different elements interact. It was the first time I understood chemistry, and for some it was a great way to characterise and understand the elements. It didn’t get to go very far with it though due to time and a change of job…
    Thank you for sharing this 🙂

    • bmedrala

      I too thought it was an impressive video. I’m not sure if this integration of creative dance and science can be easily done with just any students as the ones here semed to be pretty reasonable and “into it” whereas other kids wouldn’t take it seriously enough. Also, I thought the kids here did a good job of trying to articulate how they were conveying something as complex as a scientific concept through an abstract art form such as dance.

      • Mr. Sam

        I agree, I was very impressed by how seriously these boys took this activity. My male students were also impressed and they showed that they may not take it so seriously because they giggled at them at first!

    • Mr. Sam

      Alison – Yes, I can see how that would work. We’re just starting a science unit and I’m going to see if I can somehow incorporate this kind of idea into it. It may not be easy as the unit focuses on the scientific process!

  2. Mr Chris

    I was interested that the boys were performing in a Mongolian Ger – did you notice the room and the roof (it’s a pretty upmarket version with windows etc) – I wonder why they were using this amazingly versatile building as a studio.

    It reminded me of where at secondary teacher at my last school used have all the students close their eyes so as to tell the students stories in his science classes. He’d explain scientific theories through stories – it was amazing how having the students visualize the concept in this way enabled them to more easily understand and concepts he was covering. HIs results really improved using this method.

    I wonder if the dance does a similar thing?

    • Mr. Sam

      I think it probably does. That guy sounds like an amazing teacher, it would be interesting to know what kind of stories he told. Are you in touch with him?

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