Why do we stop doing this stuff?

Kids are kids, and many adults are kids too. One of the things that struck me when I spent some time down in Early Years was the power of play in learning, and particularly the power of role-play. Early years classrooms have dress-ups and role-play areas where the kids can immerse themselves in the contexts of their units of inquiry. Teachers may, during a unit about transport and travel, create a travel agency where the students buy and sell flights, bus journeys and ferry crossings. Why do we stop doing these things as our students get older?

I decided to ask my students to start collecting clothes and props so we can have a role-play area too, I decided to make drama a regular part of what we do in the classroom, I decided to give my students more opportunities to develop their ability to put themselves in other people’s shoes though acting. The students have responded really well to this.

I’ll video some of the role-plays that we put together this year and share them on this blog.



  1. bmedrala

    Thanhks for the reminder about the importance of both role-play and play in general as an effective way of getting kids to learn. I guess there are so many things about education and the learning process that seem important as our students get older that it’s easy to consider play and game time as being pretty frivolous compared to things like reading, writing and math. In my case, since we will eventually have to do something for an assembly, it would be great to do something involving role play that will certainly be both fun for the kids as well as a nice learning experience for them, too.

  2. Mr Chris

    I agree with Bob – good to get a reminder about this stuff. Adults love dress-up parties and the fun that comes with this. Drama does ont always need to be about performance in a formal situation. We need to make sure we do this more Sam – keep reminding me.

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