Making connections…

Something exciting happened this week. James Forsythe, from Phuket International Academy, has been reading the 6SS Class Blog. He noticed some similarities between what our 6SS have been thinking about and what his Grade 3/Year4 class have been thinking about. Both classes have been looking at wisdom and trying to understand what it means. He showed this posting from the 6SS blog to his students and used the 6SS students thinking to take his students’ conversations further:

Read the comments to see how the students’ thinking develops and to see where James adds his students’ thinking to the conversation.

James then sent through some photos to show the process he took his students through to arrive at their interpretations of what wisdom is.

This kind of cross-pollination of thinking using a blog doesn’t happen that often, but it’s great when it does. Has it happened to you? I am always happy to help people work on their blogs to make them work better as learning tools.


One comment

  1. Gareth Jacobson

    This is a fabulous example of what can happen through finding conceptual connections between learning and in particular the transdisciplinary themes and central ideas… it makes me think how we could to narrow the lens in further and expand this idea for creating cross collaborative exhibitions within the PYP. For example, take a look at the initial thoughts students in Dhaka have toward “sharing the planet” Could you build on these kind of ideas with your students? I believe kids these days have the skills and know how to use tech tools to redefine the learning and not just augment it. All we have to do is listen to the potential (emergent curriculum!!) The potential for exhibition could be amazing… What do you think?

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