You too could be part of a teacher’s literature circle!

Have you often felt that some of the best PD happens when teachers read something and then have a chat about it?

We have two teacher’s literature circles (should we call them TLCs or would that be too cheesy?) starting up at the moment – see this posting – and it would be wonderful if we could get many more happening. It really could be a good way to get the knowledge contained in these books to spread amongst us all!

Our resident wealth of knowledge on language publications, Trish, recommends the books in this slideshow:

Please make a comment if:

  • You have read one of these books, would recommend it and why
  • You are interested in forming a TLC in order to read one of them

Here’s a visual that explains how to set them up and suggests how to run it:


  1. Simone

    Reading with Meaning and Strategies that Work were my two go-to books when teaching Year 2. I always recommend both books, particularly Reading with Meaning to everyone I come across. The book is easy to follow, matter of fact and full of practical approaches to teaching reading. I read it almost cover to cover the first time I picked it up because I enjoyed it so much. Throughout the year I would pick it up again and re-read and put ideas into practice.
    I would be interesting in forming a *TLC* to read Inquiry Circles in Action and/or Teaching with Intention. A great idea.

    • Mr. Sam

      I have really been able to see the profound effect that Reading with Meaning has had on the way that students read in Year 2 and am very keen to see these approaches spread, including into my own classroom.

      Trish is raving about Comprehension & Collaboration: Inquiry Circles in Action! Anyone else keen to read that with Simone? Errr… I am, but I’m already in two of these! Oh well… I’m in, I’ll read it! Anyone else?

  2. Mr. Sam

    This was emailed to me by Christine:

    “Last year the Year 3 team for our professional learning community read Comprehension and Collaboration by Harvey and Daniels and we use the Café Book, Daily Five and Reading with Meaning already.
    If it is not too late I would be interested in joining your group on Comprehension Connections. Let me know.”

  3. Colleen

    I have just started reading Comprehension & Collaboration: Inquiry Circles in Action, so would be more than happy to join with Simone.

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