Purposeful Downtime

My colleague, Chad, and I consistently use “Purposeful Downtime” to get our students back into a mindful state after recess and lunch break.

Our students have taken on the routine of coming into our classrooms, finding a suitable space, lying down and entering a deep relaxation before they continue with their learning.

We have been using a website called calm.com to guide them through the relaxation, but we will shortly start making our own 10 minute relaxation videos that are specifically for our students.

The effect on the students afterwards is quite profound. They tend to be in the ideal state for learning with focus. In this video, we ask them how they think relaxation helps them.


  1. kdceci

    We had a 7 minute meditation or downtime to meditative music during our Exhibition craziness, and it convinced me to do it more often. When I asked the kids what they thought, they gave it the big thumbs up. Seems like everyone was breathing a bit easier after that moment (me included). Must do more often.

    • Mr. Sam

      Our students love it so much they have it set up even before we get back from lunch! They crave it!

      I’ll let you know when we’ve made our videos and you can give them a try!

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