Bubble Up Curriculum


Naturally embedding the curriculum is difficult no matter how much experience you have. Most teachers find it difficult. In the beginning of the year we introduced Passion Projects – a way to give students time to work on something they like doing and has meaning to them. Using the PYP framework we would then sit with students and have a conversation about how the 5 PYP elements naturally connected to what they were doing. This was so useful we started to do it with every student and recorded their conversations. Not only did the students have better clarity and vision, it also deepened our understanding too. Moreover, it showed us the power in learning something that the students had control over and how natural learning took place in a whole new light. It moved our knowledge forward of the PYP. The students also know what they are talking about instead of just regurgitating the PYP lingo. More on this later…


  1. Rola Tibshirani (@rolat)

    Well done. I am teaching in Ontario and I have students connect their inquiries to curriculum expectations. We deconstruct the curriculum and categorize our questions to the curriculum expectations. It leads to more ownership of learning.

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