Are we learning from Sir Ken or not?

Most educators agree with almost everything that Sir Ken Robinson says. But, how many of us fight tooth and nail to make what he says become a reality in our classrooms and schools? We laugh at his jokes, nod meaningfully at his nuggets of wisdom and shake our heads mournfully at his painful truths. But, what do we do about any of it?

This is his latest piece of brilliance. As he speaks, think carefully… what lessons have we learned from him and are we actually making them happen?


  1. concentricthinking

    Very true. We talk a BIG game, but really that is all it ever is… talk! It is a lot like mission statements of schools who hang their platitude with flashy lingo, but really don’t live up to it. This shift needs everyone to take a step back from it all. Ask, “What are we doing?” If what we do does not impact student learning then it should not be done. Teachers are trying to meet all the other demands outside of student learning itself. Isn’t that what we are really paid to do?

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