The power of noticing

The power of noticing

Our students are so creative! How can we help them use that creativity to learn?

Activating Learning
Because our students function in a world of media overload, bombarded with images, sounds, texts, and experiences, they tend to passively accept what is presented instead of generating their own mental images. If they are able to trust their own creative ability, we have to teach them to slow down and gather relevant sensory data, notice relationships, and use their imaginations to visualize.

We also need to nurture a spirit of wonder and questioning, so essential for critical thinking. When students stop to reflect and visualize what they are hearing, seeing or experiencing, they are then able to make it their own.

This is Faith. I have noticed that she is very interested in the environment. She has noticed that she has a natural talent with being creative. She is learning so much about herself by having the space and time to notice the world around her in a very different way. A way that may have not been available to her if as teachers we did not notice her gift through the arts.

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