Transfering what we learn…

Let’s face it, not that much is actually original. It has all been done before. Transfer has become a new catch phrase when it comes to assessing student learning. I’m not suggesting that transfer is not important because it is; I just want to share a great example of it with you.

We showed the Success Indicator designed by Mary Ellen Tribby to bring forward the things we wanted to see them show in the exhibition and life in general. This is what it looks like.


The kids really got it. Namo and Andrew used this as part of their exhibition focus. They transferred what they liked about the above visual and then used it for their inquiry to communicate their own message about play. What they created was very professional and they are now in touch with the Institute of Play.

Play indicator

They transferred something they liked, used the concept and then made it their own. Transferring what we learn and then using that to connect to the real world is what learning is all about for me. What about you?


    • Mr. Sam

      Thanks for doing that, Almira!

      I think the most interesting thing about this example is that the transfer that happened here was not just within one unit of inquiry. The original diagram was used throughout the year and then Andrew and Namo adapted it to suit their purposes in the PYP Exhibition. Like “action”, I think teachers can be guilty of expecting “transfer of understanding” to happen when we say it should happen (i.e. at the end of a unit)… but life just isn’t like that!

  1. Rukiya Cochu

    Love the 2 posters! I’m very tempted to post them in our staff room, and not really say anything about them…. πŸ™‚

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