Running Order


Running Order

The running order of the POI is crucial. Timing is everything for so many reasons. Finding the balance between each unit building on the one before, ensuring that specialist subjects are utilized evenly school-wide and determining what units are reported on can be quite difficult to align. I am wondering how other schools ‘time’ their units and what priorities do you value when considering the order of units and specialist integration? What process do you use that respects the way you manage time with everyone in mind?


  1. Bart Miller

    As an IB PYP candidate school, this is one of our current matters of debate. The level of integration and collaboration demanded by the PYP is both inspiring and frustrating! I’ve even wondered if we should just get the POI written in an almost arbitrary manner and improvise all of the fine tuning during the year. I’ll be following any other responses to this post closely, thanks for raising the issue.

    • Mr. Sam

      Thanks Bart. There is nothing wrong with that flexible approach actually… although it depends on what the school’s integration expectations are. Imagine if every grade was arbitrary about their unning order and then simultaneously called upon the specialist teachers to integrate! Messy.

      Perhaps getting the essentials down on paper: The central ideas and running order initially, and then allowing the rest to evolve throughout the year would be a good way to do it, particularly in a candidate school in which most people are learning as they go. This is also a good approach in a more established PYP school as changes to units are inevitable and must be both permitted and encouraged as the year progresses, in my opinion.

  2. Craig

    Hi Sam
    Ive been a bit lax in blog reading and am only coming to this post now.

    We have an overview of whole school events – Tet, major performances, fund raisers etc as some units fit nicely with certain events eg culture & identity with Tet
    We then ask specialists teachers to select units they think they could best collaborate with (2 UoIs per specialist per year). We let them do this first as they must have some balance of units throughout the year – they dont want to be collaborating with 6 year groups at the same time
    We then ask librarian to make suggestions as different UoIs may be requiring the same or similar resources
    We then ask teachers to work the other units in an order they like
    the final step with all teachers is done at a staff meeting so negotiation, juggling and horse trading can take place
    We will have the added complication of two separate campuses next year . . . email or Skype if you wish to discuss further

    • Mr. Sam

      Hi Craig, this sounds like a very pragmatic approach and one that ensures all parties are valued and as involved as possible. Have you tried getting the teachers to have the first say about how they believe the unit should look, and then have them compromise with others as you have outlined?Just wondering if they should be the first people to give input as it all falls mainly on their plate? What do you think?

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