The Time Space Education Philosophy

As Chad and I build up to our workshops at Mount Scopus Memorial College, we feel it is important and interesting to discuss – openly – the philosophy that underpins what we are trying to do with Time Space Education. As we are both full-time educators, we never really get the time to sit back and look at things from afar. We know what we believe, obviously, because we fight tooth and nail for it every day in the way that we work with our students and colleagues. However, perhaps we are not quite as good at articulating it yet!

So, here goes.

Attempt to define the philosophy #1, by Sam (sitting in an office at International School Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with hammering and drilling all around me!)

“Time Space Education is about helping students believe that they are the right people, in the right place, at the right time. It comes from the rather negative assumption that many students can, and do, experience very few years of schooling in which they feel truly empowered, valued and interested and it is all about teachers making sure that doesn’t happen to any of the students during their year together.

  • It is about teachers knowing their students well enough so that they can give them what they need when they need it.
  • It is about teachers knowing their curriculum well enough to be able to move around it skilfully, to adapt it to fit the needs of their students.
  • It is about slowing the day down so that teachers and students can develop the habit of identifying and focusing on priorities.
  • It is about teachers and students going for it, noticing what they are doing, naming curriculum outcomes and moving forward together.
  • It is about teachers and students knowing what they are doing and why they are doing it.
  • It is about students defragmenting their learning, understanding and looking for synthesis.
  • It is about the talents and interests of each individual person and the personal growths they can make each year.
  • It is about each student finishing the year feeling like a better person than the one who started the year.

Right, that’s all I can manage today. Part #2 coming up from Chad in the next few days!



  1. lsacker

    In South Africa trying to switch off from work BUT so looking forward to our workshop . I hope that the learning we do together at Mount Scopus embeds ALL of the beliefs you share on this post Sam. Roll on term 3

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Lana Fleiszig

    Sam I’m so looking forward to your visit to Mount Scopus next week. I gained so much from being in your classroom earlier this year and I feel like I need another dose of your thoughtful, creative and reflective approach to learning and teaching. Regards Lana

  3. Jonathan Marino

    This is wonderful! We’d like to invite you to contribute an essay to our ‘thinkers and thought leaders’ section at The way you’re thinking about the intersection of teaching, time, space and storytelling aligns with our perspective as well, and we’d love to talk more!

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