The pursuit of what?

I like this animation of Alan Watts’ words by the creators of South Park.

Here, Alan Watts questions the endless pursuit of “something” that makes it all worthwhile, and argues that it begins right at the very start our education. It made me think about some hopes I have for the future of education.

I hope that we can try and value the student for who they are now, not who they will be next year. I hope that we can value the student for what they are able to do, not what they are not able to do. I hope that we can help students find happiness in the moment, not wait until they’ve jumped through a thousand hoops to get to it. I hope that we can help students love their lives at school, live each year to its fullest and grow into their own personalities. I hope that we can accept our students for who they are and not blame them or their previous teachers for not making them who we wish they were.

The End



  1. Lana

    I hope that in the future there will be more Mr Sams! It takes a lot to change an existing belief about a system. My hope is for teachers to focus on educating people not just subjects.

    • Mr. Sam

      I think there’s plenty of us out there… we just have to help them realize it, and realize that we can have an effect if we try hard enough and don’t give up.

      As always, you have summed up what I am trying to say in one sentence, Lana! We need to make sure we are educating people, not subjects. Spot on.

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