Is your classroom a “lovely seductive place”?

It’s not exactly rocket science. Many of us have been doing this stuff for years. Sometimes we’re mocked for being all “new age” or “hippies” but this usually comes from teachers whose pride is hurt when their students walk past and say “why isn’t our classroom like that?”.

Making this sort of fundamental change to the way learning spaces are put together is not only ridiculously effective, it is also ridiculously obvious. I love the way Stephen Heppell basically makes us all feel like idiots in charge of POW camps for making kids sit on those chairs!!!

It doesn’t take much thought or effort to make a few changes. But, with lots of thought and effort, you can revolutionize classrooms and create “lovely seductive places” that kids would love to learn in.


  1. kellisherratt

    Kids and teachers often spend more time each day in the classroom than they do in their own homes. So, shouldn’t the classroom create that ‘home away from home’ feel?

  2. naini singh

    I have gone into a classroom where they teacher seemed to want to show how different and creative he was.So he got rid of all the chairs and tables. Am not so sure how much the kids were involved in this decision. But all I know is everyone is very wide-eyed and amazed that there can be a classroom without chairs and tables. My opinion on the classroom? Great visual thinking tools up on the walls…but it could look more inviting and it would be nice to see kids ideas and thoughts as shown in the video.

    • sherrattsam

      Ha ha! That is quite extreme. I usually have enough traditional chairs and tables so that at least half the class can sit that way when they need to. I usually survey the kids each year and usually about 50% say that they like to have that option. Others much prefer different options like low tables, floor cushions, standing tables and just lying on the floor!

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