Slow Down

Slow Down

France is far from perfect. But one of the reasons for that is a kind of national reluctance to hurry up. Things are done in good time. In the mean time… people spend time with family, they relax, they eat good food, they sit around with friends. Somehow, they still seem to be enjoying the things that don’t depend on the pursuit of wealth. Therefore, perhaps, work is slightly less crucial.

Rather than resent that half-finished job, that road still closed for repairs or that shop not open on a Monday, perhaps we should take a leaf from their book.



  1. nainibasu

    Hi Sam,
    Reminds me of a time In Mombasa (where I believe your good friend Chad is), when a Canadian colleague shared during a meeting how she stormed past her Kenyan colleague, exclaiming why something had not been done. He calmly stopped her and said, ” Let’s first shake hands and great each other .” He said this with a big smile. She cried that day realising how she forgot simple things like courtesy.

    • sherrattsam

      We all need wake up calls like that from time to time. In these schools, it is very easy to fall into the trap of believing that everything on our minds is important yet there are many things that are much more important if we put them into perspective.

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