It all comes back to time.

As educators, we are all seeking the secret ingredient that will make learning better, more powerful, more meaningful, more relevant…

Stop seeking. You are wasting your time, because the answer is right in front of you. It is time.

If you want students to inquire deeply into something. Give them time.

If you want students to produce something they are proud of. Give them time.

If you want students to solve a problem independently. Give them time.

If you want students to resolve a conflict. Give them time.

Time is the magical factor in the equation. So, here is that equation:

  1. Figure out the why, the purpose.
  2. Figure out the how, the process.
  3. Figure out the what, the desired objective.
  4. Give time. Real time.
  5. Fight off anything else that threatens to steal that time, including your old teaching habits!!!
  6. Stand back and wait for your opportunities to teach, I mean really teach… as and when its needed, to those students who need it.


    • sherrattsam

      Thanks Lana. Less certainly is more, but it seems not everybody really understands that concept, or how doing less at the start leads to more in the end. The traditional view is definitely the opposite, and has the opposite effect. Do more… but get less from the kids!!!

    • sherrattsam


      I loved a video I watched recently on generous listening (slight tangent here…) which basically says if someone is trying to talk to you then the best thing you can do for them is give them your time – not so you can respond in a particular way, not so you can solve their problems, not so you have to act all… just give them your time.

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  2. Jan Hawkins

    Time is the essence. Part of this is being a respectful listener. Listening to understand not listening to respond. As a profession I believe us teachers do not do this well. We want to be part of the solution!

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