The Pedagogical Podcast – Episode 1

I have started a new series of podcasts – you can listen to them and download them on Soundcloud. These podcasts will feature teachers talking about learning, inquiry and pedagogy and are designed to provoke thinking and stimulate ideas.

Use them however you wish.

Here is the first episode – featuring Grade 4 teachers, Claire Simms. Its a great one to start with as Claire is basically going through the inquiries her students were involved in at the time. To walk into a classroom and ask a teacher to explain their students’ inquiries is a real test of a school’s inquiry culture.


  1. lsacker

    Have just spent an extraordinary day exploring now technologies and documentation with Sylvia Tolisano langwiches blog…… Sam your documentation and sharing has so many ways it can be helpful. How does inquiry look in other places? What questions can I ask to really help teachers unpack what they are doing. Thank you Claire, I have a meeting tomorrow with a young teacher who wants to talk about how inquiry looks in her classroom.. I’m looking forward to her thinking.

    • sherrattsam

      Glad its helpful… it is a cool process to go through with teachers. Perhaps you could record your conversation tomorrow. I use the Voice Memo app on my iPhone and upload to Soundcloud. You could make a Sounds of Scopus account!!!

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  3. Blythe

    Hi Sam and Claire, I really enjoyed listening to this and look forward to more podcasts. Great approach to the central idea. I’ve taught something like this before with all the students looking at different civilizations and you’re right, it’s too narrow and everyone is not always interested. I love how you opened it up and then narrowed in for the students who needed it. I also love the term ‘spark’ and that they are using Pinterest for collecting sources. I wonder if they kids are using their own personal accounts or accounts just for school? Any way I could see some of their boards–virtual and in class? Thank you for sharing this. It’s got me thinking. Well done, Claire! You rock:)

    • sherrattsam

      Yes… “opened it up and then narrowed it”. I like that way of describing what we do to stimulate genuine inquiry.

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