Creating Studio Classrooms

A couple of years ago, I made a posting and video about  the power of setting up classrooms to suit the nature of the learning going on at the time. The context, at that time, was visual art and each student was involved in their own visual art project. They were artists. Turning the classrooms into art studios was a natural step towards making them really feel like artists.

You can do this for any context.

In this clip, the Grade 5 classrooms at my school are becoming art studios and the students are creating their own workspaces and innovation boards. One student said “its organized… but its organized in our own way”.


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  2. Stephanie

    Hi Sam
    I’m glad I get a longer reply to this video as it reminded me a lot of the Science unit I saw in Grade 5 when I was in ISHCMC in October.

    This process really got me to thinking about how the language we do affects learning. PYP teachers should have moved on from learning being something ‘done to’ students. When I think of the learning in my class I recognise that we do a lot of learning ‘about’ and ‘with’ a concept. Better than ‘done to’ but the learning still feels shallow.

    The real strength I’ve seen in the learning experience in the video is the kids are learning ‘as.’ Through playing the role, they see themselves in the role and construct understandings and ways of talking that are part of the academic disciplines we so readily compartmentalise.

    Play, something in short supply yet so fundamental to developing identity both as learners and as people.


    • sherrattsam

      Yes… they are learning “as”. They are artists, in another unit they will learn as scientists and in another unit as historians. Sometimes they may need to wear several different “hats” – the PYP Exhibition perhaps. A discipline that students need to develop is the ability to see things through different subject lenses – how might a mathematician see this? How might a biologist see this?

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