Mindfulness and Student Independence

By using very simple mindfulness practices and routines, you can start to develop genuine independence and positive habits with students. Giving them the skill to walk into a room, find a space, relax, slow down and begin to focus on what they will be doing – and why – puts them in control of themselves and their learning.

Taking this bit of time at the start makes everything that comes after it more effective, more student-centred and more indicative of who they really are as learners.

In this video, Chad’s class are in the middle of a creative – and messy project. He is hoping to see his students take complete control of everything they do and has seen the power of helping them find and create the right mood before each session.


  1. dfinesto

    Chad, I have watched you in action doing mindfulness. Remember that I nearly dozed off but remained ‘in the zone’ – relaxed but ready to move on…
    Am finding this useful in my room. Particularly after recess in the afternoon when the kids are hot and bothered! A sense of calm prevails and envelops our room. Thanks for sharing and showing how it’s done. 😜

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