Why your attitude matters more than you think


“My students hate that” I sometimes hear teachers say.  Or “Oh… my students get bored by that”.

More often than not, they could easily replace “my students” with “I” as, more often than not, it is the teacher’s disliking for something that transmits to the students.

If a teacher doesn’t value something, it is far more likely that their students will not value it. If a teacher doesn’t see the point of something, they are unlikely to be able to create any interest or motivation for it in their students.

Ultimately, in schools, we have to ask ourselves if we are surrounded by people with the same values about education, the same beliefs about the types of learning that are important and the same convictions about the types of pedagogy that are powerful.

If we are… well, we’re more likely to feel that we’re part of something that has meaning. If we’re not… we may well feel quite alone.



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