Teachers are becoming more relevant, not less

Me and Vivian

You can learn most information from effective use of the internet. You can pick up any skill from videos on Youtube. You can connect with experts and be in touch with the latest research and data. And so on…

Some people have allowed this to lead them into believing that teachers, and therefore teaching, are becoming increasingly irrelevant.

They are misguided, possibly by a very limited understanding of the art of teaching in the first place. Teaching is not, or should not be, the imparting of knowledge and the tuition of skills. Teaching is a social art. Teachers are the co-creators of personalities, of lives, of societies, of cultures and… of futures.

If anything, new technologies have highlighted the essence of good teaching by removing the need for the features of a one-dimensional approach. The focus is increasingly on who the teacher is as a person, the relationships they have with their students and their ability to create the conditions in which students can flourish.

This is becomingly particularly pertinent as human beings continue to make a mess of things, as they continue to practice destructive and unsustainable business, continue to wage war on each other. Levels of education are increasing worldwide, but – in the big picture – things are not getting better, they are getting worse. We may, as Carol Black does in Schooling the World, actually have to start looking at the direct relationship between education and many of the world’s most pressing problems.

I am confident that any thinking that emerges from doing so will be based on a need for teachers who are human, not the opposite.





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