Finding balance


Social media has changed the ‘face’ of education. We can push out and share so many ideas, experiences and moments. The main players are without a doubt facebook pages and twitter. For this post let’s focus on twitter.

Let’s stir up the hornet’s nest and create some controversy. I would like to put it out there, hoping to get your opinion.

Yes, I’m with you… twitter is a powerful and useful tool to share. Check. I am fully aware of the opportunities and I’m all about spreading ideas.

However…. what’s your stance about:

  • It feels like it’s a platform for people to pontificate in hope to be more about the ‘likes’ and ‘retweets.’ True or False?
  • It’s a bit of an ego boost. Let’s face it, we like to be noticed, right? True or False?
  • A self promotion tool to tell the world all about the wonderful things you are doing. True or False?
  • For some, people spend more time catching a moment, only to miss the next moment because you’re glued to your screen. True or False?
  • There is pressure to be on twitter because that’s what everyone is doing. True or False?
  • It’s about having more followers than following. True or False?
  • I am a better teacher because I am on twitter. True or False?

Does twitter control you or do you have a handle on twitter? How do you find balance?






  1. Christopher Carlyle

    I am tweetless. I find that balancing school, work, life, family, friends, facebook, baseball starting, I just haven’t time to compress ideas into 140 characters.

    No irony intended in the above 138 character response. 🙂

    • concentricthinking

      Yeah it’s true Christopher, for some of us it is something we just never get to. It isn’t for everyone. But, then again a quick tweet could be something to throw out, then measure the impact and weigh up the input and output to see if it is something you could try.

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