School should be a place…



Going to school should be about much more than getting into a university. It should be the way to access a multitude of pathways for your future… university is just one of them.

School should be a place in which you can explore what motivates you, what makes you curious, what puts you into a “state of flow” and what makes you genuinely want to learn.

It should be a place for self-exploration and self-determination. It should be a place where talents are revealed and nurtured.

It should be a place where students develop their understanding of what it means to be happy, not what it means to be stressed.

School should be the place – well, one of them – where you learn to be a good person who does no harm.

It would be a very bold move for schools to redefine their mission, and be very clear about what has changed. Imagine a school that proudly proclaimed to the community that it wasn’t all about academic results and university entrance… that those were not acceptable measures of success for their school.

Imagine a school that had no hierarchy of pathways, but placed equal value and energy into a variety of ways for students to “graduate”.

School Pathways

Imagine a school where you didn’t have to wait to fail before you could figure out what you really want to do.

That’s the school I want my kids to go to.



    • sherrattsam

      I went to several schools and can’t really trace how it shaped me. I feel I’m much more a product of my parents and travel than I am of school, but not everyone has that luxury! I do also feel I am quite a mess and wish I had been given the chance to do some of the things I refer to in this posting as part of my education!!! For example, I am very envious of people who know what they want from life, or who have a particular talent and devote all their time and energy to it, like a chef.

  1. Jackie Van Der Steege

    Great thought. The MYP program endeavours to provide this kind of education, but there is still not enough opportunity for students to really follow their passion. I think we need more opportunities for students to work on personal project style projects to enable them to find what they are really interested and good at.

    • sherrattsam

      Totally agree… we are looking at designing some opportunities like that. Lets stay in touch about it!

  2. Desiree

    The school you dream about might certainly set more young people up for success as opposed to ‘failing to make the grade’. The drop out rate at university would improve as students would be quite comfortable choosing vocational training, apprenticeship and entrepreneurship.

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  4. pascalemillerblog

    I agree! Mentoring and the old way of passing on specialist knowledge and experience via the apprentice model is still a great way for some people to learn in the real world. I am a product of not knowing what career I wanted to have but following my interests and passions…linguistics and horticulture and world travel! it never paid well but boy do I have some amazing experiences, friends and knowledge!

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