When will we get angry?


How long will we allow ourselves to be the instruments of apathy?

How long will we continue to blindly churn out the human parts of an economic machine?

How long will we turn our backs – and teach our students to do so too?

How long will we complain about the lack of biscuits at a meeting?

How long will we take before we’re angry? Really angry.

Angry that our profession puts on its blinkers and teaches spelling while these children scrabble about in the dirt.

Angry that we are so busy appearing to care that we actually don’t care about anything.

Angry that we’re so busy being neutral that we stand for nothing at all.

Angry that we ignore wisdom while bowing down to ignorance, because it’s got the cash.

Angry that we weep at picture books but ignore real tragedy.

Angry that we are weak despite having more strength than we could imagine.

Angry that we may look back one day and ask ourselves… what did I do?

What did I do?

And have no answer.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 21.18.06




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