Using music to create mood

Playing different types of music in order to create certain moods has always been a large part of my practice. Of course, sometimes no music is required. However, at other times, the right piece of music can create the atmosphere that is needed in order to stimulate student thinking, creativity, calm or energy.

The piece of music above is one of many that I have used when I want my students to feel calm, at ease and able to express themselves, either verbally or visually. If you just hit play on this video, it is followed by lots of other cool music too (I just found that out!).

I will try and remember to share more thoughts about the use of music in classrooms, and to share some of the pieces of music that I have found particularly effective for different purposes.

How do you use music in your practice?


  1. NurtureNatureEd

    Will be using music in my second meeting of my enrichment programme jewellery making this week. Due to busy timetables at the school, students find it hard to just relax in jewellrymmaking programme at lunch time. The focus the students had in our first gathering was to start and finish their first pieces, no matter how I tried to remind them it was just getting to know the tools and materials and exploring how they work… that we didn’t have to finish anything, we can take up where we left off next week. I think the added benefit of background music that encourages slower breathing patterns and heart rate will hopefully help this week!

    • sherrattsam

      Helping them see that listening to certain types of music can unlock different ways of being and of thinking…

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