“Recruiting Season Stressing You Out?” by Kavita Satwalekar


Make a conscious decision about your future. Think through your long-term plan (a.k.a. 5-yr plan for some, and 10-yr plan for others) and start working towards it.

Will staying in the school move you one step closer to your long-term plan, or will leaving do that?

Step 1: Think through your long-term plan:

Picture your IDEAL situation. What do you see yourself doing at work? Where are you living? How many children do you have? What are your children doing – is that even a consideration? Who is taking care of your parents?

Your Vision:

  • If you could dare to think out loud, where do you want to be in 10 years?
  • What are all the crazy and wacky things you could do to realize your long-term plan?
  • Suppose, just for a moment, you live in a world where fear and anxiety do not exist. What could you do now?

Focus on the Outcome:

  • What is it that you really, REALLY want? Dig deep…
  • What is the PAIN of NOT achieving your plan?

Align your vision with your Values:

  • Is this plan in line with your values? (Hint: Ask yourself what’s really important to you in life – will this plan help you achieve more of that?)
  • Is this plan something YOU truly want, or is it something you think you SHOULD have? (Hint: If it is a ‘should have’, it may be someone else’s dream)
  • When you think about your plan does it give you a sense of deep contentment or ‘rightness’, happiness and excitement?

Step 2: Work towards your long-term plan:

Now break this down into achievable steps by answering the following questions:

  • What’s good about your current situation? (e. what’s the benefit of staying where you are?)
  • Can you hold on to those good aspects if you decide to make a change? Or is that something you’re willing to sacrifice?
  • Suppose you had all the information you needed, what would your next step/s be?
  • If you did nothing else this school year, what 3 things would still make the year a success for you?
  • What can you start doing, stop doing or do more of, to move towards your long-term plan? (Make a list using this “Action Brainstorming” tool)

If you still find yourself in a dilemma, please do reach out to me and I can conduct an online “Dilemma Coaching” session with you. Please note that you should have thought through all the questions I’ve listed above for that session to be effective. I can be reached via email at kavita@innersensecoaching.com or through my website at www.innersensecoaching.com.




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