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How could these two videos help us improve student-learning?

Today, I watched these two videos. The first one was sent to me by my wife, the second one by Chris Anderson from TED. Both are full of messages about the way we learn and, of course, the way we teach.

This video is a very simple reminder to us all about the importance of time. We are often in such a rush to “get stuff covered” that we don’t give our students the time they need to do things as well as they can. “It’s their fault… they have bad time-management skills” we say. We know that, as they get older, they’re going to have do more and more tasks in short periods of time and so we feel it is our job to help them learn to do things quickly. “Hey!” I found myself saying to my students the other day “you know, in secondary school, if you don’t finish your work in the lesson you’ll have to take it home to finish!”. Not my finest hour.

I should be constantly helping them to see the connection between time and focus, creativity, imagination, detail and personal satisfaction. In fairness, I usually do. I hope I was just having a bad day.

This video does all the talking for itself. How often do we share thoughts like these with our students? How often are they exposed to this kind of wisdom?