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Field Trips – Maximizing Learning

Ancient Culture Street 6

When planned thoughtfully, field trips are very important and powerful learning experiences that can have a transformative effect on student inquiry. By being mindful of the following points, we can ensure that field trips are as meaningful and effective as possible.

  • There is a clear and powerful purpose to the trip, with clear links between the concepts that will be explored and curriculum needs
  • The field trip experience should stimulate inquiry and a richer understanding of the current unit of study
  • The location has been selected specifically with learning in mind
  • The impact of our students on the location and people there has been considered and catered for, e.g. by going one class at a time
  • The trip will be timed to maximise learning opportunities for the students, giving students the chance to engage fully and soak up the experiences being offered
  • Opportunities and locations for briefing students, reflecting, rest, drinking water or having a snack have been identified and planned for
  • Plans have been made to enable students to capture learning meaningfully during the trip
  • Attitudes and behaviour have been discussed with students beforehand to ensure they are in the best mood to make the most of the experience and to represent the school
  • Additional adults are considered not only in terms of safety but also enriching student experience – smaller groups may mean more powerful learning
  • Steps have been taken to make sure trips are environmentally responsible – this kind of modelling is very powerful for students
  • There are varied and meaningful follow-up experiences planned so that the trip was worthwhile

We are going to introduce these points in our school as a checklist for teachers to go through when planning field trips. If they are unable to tick off most (or all) of these points… the trip may not be worth it!