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Transparent and Timely Assessment


Sharing assessment pieces with students at the start of a unit, and coming back to them as the unit progresses, allows them to see what it is they need to do to achieve the desired outcome they set for their learning.

How many times have teachers not shared what it is they are looking for from the students until the last minute?

It sounds incredibly unfair to expect them to meet or reach a certain level in their learning if they are unaware of the expectations. By being transparent and sharing with them in good time – and sometimes co-writing assessment criteria with them – allows students to know what they need to do to rise up, develop plans and bridge the gaps in their understanding.

Students will always meet and exceed expectations if they have a clear vision of the learning behaviors and knowledge they need in order to be successful.

Learning always spikes when they know where they are going, or what they need to do to get there!

Running Order


Running Order

The running order of the POI is crucial. Timing is everything for so many reasons. Finding the balance between each unit building on the one before, ensuring that specialist subjects are utilized evenly school-wide and determining what units are reported on can be quite difficult to align. I am wondering how other schools ‘time’ their units and what priorities do you value when considering the order of units and specialist integration? What process do you use that respects the way you manage time with everyone in mind?