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An Experiment with Emotional Intelligence

I’ve been thinking of an idea that might make me and my colleagues play to our strengths for the rest of the year. I think we need to spend some time working out who we are as people, what our interests and strengths are and what we are terrible at or unwilling to do. If we can become more aware of our competences and incompetences, we can work more fluidly and allow each other the space, time and trust to develop things from our own perspective and expertise as part of an honest team. For example, I am a pretty disorganized person. I start a lot things that I don’t finish and I have trouble with keeping records. I need reminders about events and about deadlines for things that are not immediately important – in my opinion! But, will I change? Should I change? Do I have to change? These are my fundamental weaknesses, but I have many strengths too. Rather than try to eradicate my weaknesses or enforce that I do things in a way that does not come naturally, should I be trying to use my strengths as much as possible safe in the knowledge that there is support for the weaknesses?